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    Interpret: Eric Clapton

    Arco Arena, Sacramento, United States

    Palomino Club, North Hollywood, United States

    Interpret: Toto

    Budokhan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

    Interpret: Eric Clapton

    Estadio Centenario & Estadio River Plate, Montevideo & Buenos Aires

    Interpret: Led Zeppelin

    various Studios

    Interpret: The Beatles

    The Abbey Road Studios, United Kingdom

    Interpret: Genesis

    Empire Theater, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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    On Parole And In Concert

    The Blues Brothers (Elwood, Mack and Zee) performed at the August 4th 1996 Atlanta Olympics closing ceremony.

    Blues The Blues Brothers Band

    Olympic Stadium, Atlanta, United States

    La Cigale

    La Cigale, Paris, France

    R&B Adele

    La Cigale, Paris, France

    Live At Budokan

    Live at Budokan, Tokyo/Japan - 1979-11-13

    R&B Marvin Gaye

    Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

    From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show

    June 7th, 1984 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

    R&B Prince

    First Avenue, Minneapolis, United States