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    MoMac's Hidden Tracks - Recording Sessions: Volume 4

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    Paul McCartney / the Beatles / Wings 1972-1973

    We continue our stroll through the McCartney archives with volumes 3 and 4: The third disc in the series is divided in two halves; the first part is dedicated to several interesting home recordings (and some not-so-interesting ones, 'Seaside Woman' seems to go on forever!), while the latter part features various live recordings from their 1972 European summer/autumn tour. Highlights include the catchy 'Indeed I Do' with Linda on harmonies, spirited rehearsals of 'Give Ireland Back To The Irish', a lengthy live version of '1882', 'Best Friend', a track considered for inclusion on the unreleased 'Cold Cuts & Hot Hits' compilation, a great studio version of 'The Mess' that first appeared on one of the 'Unsurpassed Masters' CD's back in the mid-90's, the fantastic cover of 'Tragedy' - another 'Cold Cuts' song (why this was never issued amazes me) - the bouncy reggae of 'Seaside Woman', studio outtakes from the 'Red Rose Speedway' sessions in perfect master tape quality (also first issued on one of the 'Unsurpassed Masters' CD's) and several acoustic songs Macca performed during the making of the 'James Paul McCartney' TV special. As you'll notice, there are lots of gems on these two volumes.

    This is the third and fourth volumes of the fantastic 'MoMac's Hidden Tracks' CDR's issued in 2002. This mammoth collection gathers all available McCartney outtakes, including live cuts, demos and a few rarities in chronological order and from the best sources.

    Official Releases:

    Setlist 01. Thank You Darling (Outtake, 1972)
    02. Mama's Little Girl (Early Take, 1972)
    03. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) (Early Take, 1972)
    04. The Mess (Outtake, 1972)
    05. Big Barn Bed (Early Take, 1973)
    06. Single Pigeon (Early Take, 1972)
    07. When The Night (Early Take, 1972)
    08. Night Out (Early Take 1, Mar 1972)
    09. Night Out (Early Take 2, Mar 1972)
    10. Night Out (Early Take 3, Mar 1972)
    11. Night Out (Final Take, Mar 1972)
    12. Jazz Street (Outtake, Mar 1972)
    13. Tragedy (Early Take 1, Mar 1972)
    14. Tragedy (Early Take 2, Mar 1972)
    15. Tragedy (Early Take 3, Mar 1972)
    16. Tragedy (Final Take, Mar 1972)
    17. Hi Hi Hi (Radio Spot, Nov 1972)
    18. Seaside Woman (Early Take, 27 Nov 1972)
    19. Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (James Paul McCartney TV special, 1973)
    20. Country Dreamer (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    21. Long Haired Lady (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    22. Talking/Little Willow (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    23. Bluebird (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    24. Talking/Sarcasm (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    25. Hands Of Love (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    26. Monkberry Moon Delight (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    27. Heart Of The Country (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
    28. 4th Of July (James Paul McCartney TV special, 15 Mar 1973)
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