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It's ... The Beatles Vol. 3

Category: Beat
Producer: The Beatles Alben anzeigen
Erstellt von: BeefEater
Erstellt am: 06. Februar 2016
Hits: 1239

Great Scott! It’s … The Beatles [MasterJedi MJ1502] Outtakes. Excellent soundboard.

Capital Radio DJ Roger Scott was chosen to narrate the Beatles At Abbey Road show. A keen collector of obscure rock artefacts, he was apparently given access to a different cache of Abbey Road tapes, and even flagrantly presented snippets on a nine-part American Westwood One radio show, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: A History Of The Beatles Years 1962-1970, broadcast in 1984.

Outtakes from songs such as “Do You Want To Know A Secret”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “I Feel Fine”, “Ticket To Ride”, “Help!”, “Day Tripper”, “We Can Work It Out” and “Paperback Writer” were all mixed into the programmes. Before his death in 1989, Scott apparently sold the tapes to benefit his estate, and virtually complete session tapes of each of the above songs soon appeared on various bootlegs.

The complete recordings of Roger Scott - Together for the first time!

Presented here for your listening pleasure are all of the available in-line copies of Beatles tapes liberated from Abbey Road Studios by British DJ Roger Scott. When needed, they have been restored to the correct speed, to the correct EQ, and to the correct channel alignment. All major dropouts have been repaired by using EQ only. Finally, the selections have been lightly supplemented by more complete Scott and non-Scott recordings where appropriate by precisely matching the speed, EQ, and noise.

Datum 06.02.1962
Setlist 01 - Can't Buy Me Love, takes 2-3 (TIO+URT MasterJedi)
02 - A Hard Day's Night, take 1 (Anthology+S2S MasterJedi)
03 - A Hard Day's Night, takes 2-4 (TM+S2S MasterJedi)
04 - A Hard Day's Night, take 5 (S2S MasterJedi)
05 - A Hard Day's Night, takes 6-7 (S2S MasterJedi)
06 - A Hard Day's Night, takes 8-9 (S2S+AHDNBlu MasterJedi)
07 - I'm A Loser, takes 1-2 (S2S MasterJedi)
08 - I'm A Loser, take 3 (S2S+UM MasterJedi)
09 - I'm A Loser, takes 4-6 (S2S MasterJedi)
10 - I'm A Loser, take 7 (S2S MasterJedi)
11 - She's A Woman, take 2 (URT+UM MasterJedi)
12 - She's A Woman, takes 3-6 (UM+TIO MasterJedi)
13 - She's A Woman, take 7 (S2S+UM MasterJedi)
14 - I Feel Fine, takes 1-2 (TIO+S2S MasterJedi)
15 - I Feel Fine, take 5 (S2S MasterJedi)
16 - I Feel Fine, take 6 (S2S MasterJedi)
17 - I Feel Fine, takes 7 (fragment) and 9 (S2S+Red MasterJedi)
18 - Christmas Message (Hello Dolly); Speech, take 1 (CCC MasterJedi)
19 - Speech, take 2 (UCC MasterJedi)
20 - Speech, takes 3-5 (UCC MasterJedi)
21 - Another Beatles Christmas Record, different edit (UCC MasterJedi)
Band LineUp George Harrison
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Recording Typ Studio/Outtake
Source CDDA
Qualität Excellent
Format MP3
Bitrate 256 kbps
Playtime (min:sek) 72:24
Anzahl CD 1
Dateigrösse (MB) 116,09
Cover Front, Back
Archiv Passwort soundboard.cf


Abbey Road Studios, London, United Kingdom

Website: www.thebeatles.com

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