Live at the Cologne Arena 1998

00-Depeche_Mode_-_Live_At_Cologne_Arena-Bootleg_SBD-DE-1998-SB_Cover_Front-SBN 00-Depeche_Mode_-_Live_At_Cologne_Arena-Bootleg_SBD-DE-1998-SB_Cover_Back-SBN
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"The Singles" Tour - Live at the Cologne Arena - Cologne/Germany - 1998-10-05

DigiBeta master -> DAT (cloned via AES-EBU cable) -> CD-R -> Exact Audio Copy (unknown settings) -> minor EQ and normalization -> FLAC level 8 -> fre:ac -> MP3 VBR 256-320

The history behind this bootleg is pretty curios.I used to know a guy who worked for mtv italy.He told me that he had a copy on dat of the audio of the digital videotape mtv used to broadcast the depeche mode concert in cologne in 1998.This copy comes right from the master and it has been done digitally with a pro dat recoder connected by an aes-ebu cable.He borrowed me this dat tape and i made a digital copy onto cd-r.The source was pretty good so i only had to adjust a little bit the eq and maximize it with the L3. I think that now it sounds much better than any silver pressed cd bootleg of this concert.Unfortunately this concert is not complete but the sound is excellent.

A flawless soundboard recording, reportedly sourced from the DigiBeta master MTV Italy used for the television broadcast of this recording.

Official Releases:

Datum 05.10.1998
Setlist 01 - Painkiller
02 - A Question Of Time
03 - It's No Good
04 - Never Let Me Down Again
05 - Only When I Lose Myself
06 - Enjoy The Silence
07 - Personal Jesus
08 - Home
09 - I Feel You
Recording Typ Soundboard
Source CDDA
Qualität Excellent
Format MP3
Bitrate VBR HQ (256-320 kbps)
VIP Angebot FLAC Lossless
Playtime (min:sek) 46:57
Anzahl CD 1
Dateigrösse (MB) 94.38
Cover Front, Back
Archiv Passwort ohne / none