The Complete Stockholm '68 Tapes Remastered

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Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden - September 20th, 1968 - excellent preFM

In recent years, fans of The Doors have been able to choose from a wide variety of live recordings released officially of performances that have either never seen the light of day or have been available previously in varying quality and length in bootleg form. The 1968 Stockholm performances at the Konserthuset venue are familiar territory for a lot of Doors fans and bootleg collectors in particular as there have been numerous incarnations of the early and late shows circulated over the years, albeit in bootleg form. Arguably, the best of these were only circulated within the past year or so. Having multiple versions of the same performances to pick from means there is more choice but it can also make it difficult to determine which version is superior and is deemed the clear upgrade source from the other recordings available. This is especially so when the recordings in question have specific redeeming qualities and shortcomings.

Of the multiple versions of the "Stockholm Tapes", the three versions in contention for the top spot include a preFM reel transfer of both the early and late shows, a soundboard recording (possibly also preFM sourced) taken from a triple LP vinyl bootleg set titled "The Complete Stockholm '68 Tapes" and another preFM source supposedly taken from a master tape clone of the late show.

Of three of these sources, the preFM reel transfer is used as the source of this remaster.

Official Releases:

Datum 20.09.1968
Setlist Disc 1 (Early Show):
01 - Five To One
02 - Love Street
03 - Love Me Two Times
04 - When The Music's Over
05 - A Little Game
06 - The Hill Dwellers
07 - Light My Fire
08 - The Unknown Solider

Disc 2 (Late Show):
01 - Five To One
02 - Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
03 - Back Door Man
04 - You're Lost Little Girl
05 - Love Me Two Times
06 - When The Music's Over
07 - Wild Child
08 - Money
09 - Celebration of the Lizard
10 - Light My Fire
11 - The End
Recording Typ Radio/FM
Source Reel
Qualität Excellent
Format MP3
Bitrate VBR HQ (256-320 kbps)
VIP Angebot FLAC Lossless
Playtime (min:sek) CD 1 - 44:18 / CD 2 - 71:52
Anzahl CD 2
Dateigrösse (MB) 231,97
Cover Front, Back
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