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    The Marquee

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    The Marquee Club, London, England - June 19, 1987 - June 28, 1987


    The most complete recording of this legendary show, - only missing the first take of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - comes from the remastered Alan Niven master in addition with "Whole Lotta Rosie" restored to its worthy place taken from the bootleg "Live Samurai - Vol 2" as only this version proved to be the one suited in the sound quality presented by the main source. Another bootleg offering this show, titled "London Calling" was released by Metal Sword in 2006 and is based on the original master recording as provided by Alan Niven - also lacking "Whole Lotta Rosie". This is sourced from the same master recording, only it has been remastered and mixed at some point with additional (fake) audience noise.

    As it turned out, Guns N' Roses' third and last show at the Marquee proved to be one of their most successful appearances the band ever gave with absolutely breathtaking performances following one after the other. The band is in peak form and playing in total unison resulting a slick and professional show. It's also a rare opportunity at a Guns concert for both performers and audience to interact and expand with each other and tonight both enjoyed the opportunity to really get into things.

    As they walk out on stage, Duff welcomes the crowd "The Marquee, huh?!" while Axl shouts at them "How the fuck are you doing?" as if to say hello, then adds: "Welcome to the fuckin' jungle!" They pull off a vigourus and highly energetic version with Axl clearly singing out all the high notes and more. From then on they took control and didn't stop for a mere hour of glorious ear-splitting rock. "That's gonna be our next single!" Axl states as the song finishes off. After the opening attack he dedicates 'Out Ta Get Me'... "to the press, that don't like us!" He sings with great frenzy, emphasizing every given line. After the boistorous performance - which was later released on the "Live Are: '87-'93" double live album, - Axl goes on: "You people are fuckin' great! Now... about the press! That's why I wore this shirt. This shirt says... 'Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one'. Think about that next time you fuckin' put someone down or I'll kick your ass! This song is called Rocket Queen!"

    Datum 28.06.1987
    Setlist 01 - Welcome To The Jungle
    02 - Out Ta Get Me
    03 - Rocket Queen
    04 - Nightrain
    05 - My Michelle
    06 - It's So Easy
    07 - Mr. Brownstone
    08 - Don't Cry
    09 - You're Crazy
    10 - Paradise City
    11 - Whole Lotta Rosie
    12 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    13 - Move To The City
    14 - Mama Kin
    Band LineUp Gesang, Klavier: Axl Rose
    Leadgitarre:Tracii Guns
    Rhythmusgitarre:Izzy Stradlin
    Schlagzeug:Rob Gardner
    Bass:Ole Beich
    Recording Typ Soundboard
    Source CDDA
    Qualität Excellent
    Format MP3
    Bitrate 320 kbps
    Playtime (min:sek) 69:22
    Anzahl CD 1
    Dateigrösse (MB) 158,83
    Cover Front, Back
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    The Marquee Club, London, United Kingdom


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