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    Hammersmith '88

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    Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - March 4 1988

    BBC Radio 1 FM Broadcast

    BBC Radio 1 FM>Marantz ST 320L Tuner>Aiwa or Teac cassette recorder (master cassettes)>wave capture track markers & burned to cdr using Magix music editor>accuraterip to flac level 8>freac>MP3 VBR 256-320

    When Miles Copeland took the band over to his IRS label in 1987, he reformed the original Wishbone Ash and recorded the Nouveau Calls album - an all-instrumental album. To reform the band, Copeland brought back Martin Turner, who had left in 1980, and Ted Turner, who left in 1974.

    This show in London was the first where Ted Turner reappeared. The tour started without Ted, who was stuck in Chicago, tangled by immigration matters. He would miss rehearsals and a couple of the shows as the tour kicked off on Feb 27. He makes it to the stage at the Hammersmith only for the second set.

    Clearly Turner was not under rehearsed as this concert shows. It's a tour de force of all the old chestnuts, The King Will Come, Jailbait, Phoenix and Blowin' Free. Mixed in are two new instrumental tracks off the Nouveau Calls album.

    How to describe this performance is perhaps best left to Steve Upton who said of their reunion:

    [W]e all looked pretty much the same as we did 15 years earlier - just a few more wrinkles and a little less hair. We had travelled different paths and our experiences had forged much stronger characters than when we were boys. Not just musically, but we were now men and had our own formulated ideas. It was fascinating seeing how we had all developed both as people and musicians. The latter was like putting on a well worn glove - it fitted perfectly.

    Compare this version of Phoenix with the last time they played it in 1974. There is a passion here that goes beyond nostalgia.

    This is a great recording made by the BBC, the stereo image is nice and wide with the drums properly miked. To the fan who taped it and shared it all those years ago, we thank you. Pass it on.

    Official Releases:

    Datum 04.03.1988
    Setlist 01 - Living Proof
    02 - Band Introductions
    03 - Genevieve
    04 - The King Will Come
    05 - In The Skin
    06 - Phoenix
    07 - Blowin' Free
    08 - Jailbait
    09 - Bad Weather Blues
    Band LineUp Martin Turner (Bass/Vocals)
    Andy Powell (Guitars/Vocals)
    Ted Turner (Guitars/Vocals)
    Steve Upton (Drums)
    Jamie Crompton (Guitars)
    Recording Typ Radio/FM
    Source CDDA
    Qualität Excellent
    Format MP3
    Bitrate VBR HQ (256-320 kbps)
    VIP Angebot FLAC Lossless
    Playtime (min:sek) 58:43
    Anzahl CD 1
    Dateigrösse (MB) 119.34
    Cover Front, Back
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    Hammersmith Odeon, London, United Kingdom


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