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    Jailbreak At The Riveria

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    Erstellt von: BeefEater
    Erstellt am: 09. April 2017
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    This is an FM broadcast from a 1976, Chicago concert. The sound quality is superior to the previous offerings. The cover art was taken from a CD, made from the original FM broadcast. The rarely played "Angel From The Coast" is - truly - the jewel of this recording.

    From the original May 23, 1976 broadcast.  Almost for sure not the entire concert, but the entire broadcast (edits made by WXRT can be heard).  This has made the rounds as "The Irish Dawn Chicago".  This also circulates with an April 16, 1976 date.  Since I marked the cassette immediately after the broadcast and still had at that time a vivid memory of the show, I'm 99% certain that the April 21, 1976 date is the correct one.  Be-Bop Deluxe were the opening act, and I also have the WXRT broadcast of their performance.  I also recall that WXRT were hyping up the pairing of these two acts together in the weeks before the concert.

    A very good show, with a few small flaws:

    • I set up my tape machine on the wrong bias for the TDK-KR C60 tape initially, then made the switch about 1:20 in "Jailbreak". I made a small edit to correct for the equalization (see later notes).
    • Tape flip at 4:08 of Rosalie
    • Only one of the guitars can be heard in the mix until track 04; this was apparently a soundboard recording and apparently a correction was made on the board; as this is how it was broadcast I've made no changes

    I've also left in  WXRT announcer's comments at the end for posterity, but these can be deleted by the downloader.  This was UnConcert #131, by the way.


    • Small fade in to track 01
    • To adjust for the wrong tape equalization setting, I used SoundForge graphic equalization for the first 1:20 of track 01, with the following settings: +1.2 dB boost at 2kHz, +2.4 dB boost at 4kHz, +3.4 dB boost at 8kHz, +2.2 dB boost at 16kHz.
    • edit at tape flip in track 07, less than .01 seconds removed to smooth the transition
    • Small fade-out on track 12

    No other edits made.

    A good overall stereo broadcast, A/A- quality, with a little FM hiss.

    Official Releases:

    Datum 21.04.1976
    Setlist 01. Jailbreak
    02. The Boys Are Back In Town
    03. Emerald
    04. It's Only Money
    05. Blues Boy
    06. Warrior
    07. Rosalie (tape flip at 4:08)
    08. Suicide
    09. Angel From The Coast
    10. Sha La La
    11. Baby Drive Me Crazy
    12. The Rocker
    13. WXRT announcer
    Band LineUp Phil Lynott - bass, lead vocals
    Scott Gorham - guitar, backing vocals
    Brian Robertson - guitar, backing vocals
    Brian Downey - drums, vocals
    Recording Typ Radio/FM
    Source CDDA
    Qualität Very Good
    Format MP3
    Bitrate VBR HQ (256-320 kbps)
    VIP Angebot FLAC Lossless
    Playtime (min:sek) 62:41
    Anzahl CD 1
    Dateigrösse (MB) 114.80
    Cover Front, Back
    Archiv Passwort ohne / none


    Riveria Theater, Chicago, Illinois, United States

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