Pasadena Ballroom

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Live at the Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA; April 21, 1979. Very good FM broadcast.

This is from a cassette tape, copied in 1979. An excellent performance captured by a live FM radio broadcast. Two thirds of this is recorded in mono with the middle third in true stereo. It may have been that the mono switch on the receiver was used to improve reception.

Copied from master “off air” cassette to Revox B77 reel then to Sony DAT recorder at 16/48. Transferred to 16/44 wav files and cleaned up numerous dropouts and defects with Audacity. With the exception of the tape flips you will not even notice them.

Tape flip in “Still Falls the Rain” and is at 29:24. During “Ladytron” (between 54:41 and 54:43) there are two seconds of static from FM interference. Next tape flip is during “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” which was spliced at 61:49 or 5:26 of track 12. Although a couple of seconds were lost the splice is nearly transparent.

The phase was off by 20 samples of which number were removed from the right channel to line this up. An immediate improvement in the sound balance was noted after this correction.

A beautiful old venue dating back to when elegance in ballrooms and theatres was the norm.

Datum 21.04.1979
Setlist Disc 1:
01 - Introduction by Dusty Rhodes
02 - Manifesto
03 - Trash
04 - Out Of The Blue
05 - Angel Eyes
06 - A Song For Europe
07 - Still Falls The Rain
08 - Mother Of Pearl

Disc 2:
01 - Ain't That So
02 - Stronger Through The Years
03 - Ladytron
04 - In Every Dream Home A Heartache
05 - Love Is The Drug
06 - Editions Of You
07 - Do The Strand
08 - Re-MakeRe-Model
Recording Typ Radio/FM
Source DAT
Qualität Very Good
Format MP3
Bitrate 256 kbps
Playtime (min:sek) CD 1 - 36:35 / CD 2 - 47:22
Anzahl CD 2
Dateigrösse (MB) 137,38
Cover Front, Back
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