Chalk Pie

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Unreleased Double LP

Recorded live at various venues on the 1981 tour (3 tracks are from Fall 1980).

A few studio overdubs were added at UMRK Central. Side 1 was released in a different mix on "Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch". Several other tracks appeared on later albums with extensive overdubs.

This would have been one of Frank's greatest albums, had it been released.

Remastering consisted of channel alignment, EQ & some modest limting.
Source: RobSam's 3rd Gen Cassette
Transferred by: doctorzap
Remastered by: JWB - September 15, 2011

Official Releases:

Setlist 01 Drowning Witch
02 Envelopes
03 Teenage Prostitute
04 The Dangerous Kitchen
05 Chalk Pie
06 We're Turning Again
07 Alien Orifice
08 The Jazz Discharge Party Hats
09 Toronto
10 What's New In Baltimore
11 Moggio
12 Takes 1 To Know 1
13 Clownz On Velvet
14 Frogs With Dirty Little Lips
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Playtime (min:sek) 69:13
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Cover Front, Back, Inlay
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