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    Unsurpassed Masters Vol 7

    Kategorie: Pop
    Interpret: The Monkees Alben anzeigen
    Erstellt von: BeefEater
    Erstellt am: 14. Mai 2017
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    The Monkees - Unsurpassed Masters Vol - 7

    Yellow Dog Records (fake) LP2-69

    Tear Drop City - Instant Replay

    Setlist 01 - Through The Looking Glass (version 2, stereo remix)
    02 - Don't Listen To Linda (version 2, stereo remix)
    03 - I Won't Be The Same Without Her (stereo remix)
    04 - Just A Game (stereo remix)
    05 - Me Without You (stereo remix)
    06 - Don’t Wait For Me (stereo remix)
    07 - You And I (stereo remix)
    08 - While I Cry (stereo remix)
    09 - Teardrop City (stereo remix)
    10 - The Girl I Left Behind Me (version 1, stereo remix)
    11 - A Man Without A Dream (version 3, stereo remix)
    12 - Shorty Blackwell (stereo remix)
    13 - Mommy And Daddy (early stereo mix, stereo remix)
    14 - Good Clean Fun (vocals Down mono remix, edit)
    15 - Propinquity (I've Just Begun To Care)(vocals down mono remix, edit)
    16 - The Crippled Lion (stereo remix)
    17 - Hollywood (stereo remix)
    18 - Some Of Shelly’s Blues (stereo remix)
    19 - How Insensitive (stereo remix)
    20 - St. Matthew (early stereo mix, mono remix, edit)
    21 - Teardrop City (vocals down mono remix, edit)
    22 - Me Without You (early mono mix, mono remix)
    23 - While I Cry (mono remix, edit)
    24 - You And I (original mono mix, mono remix, edit)
    25 - The Girl I Left Behind Me (instrumental backing track, mono remix, edit)
    26 - Shorty Blackwell (vocals down mono remix, edit)
    27 - Of You (stereo remix)
    28 - Rose Marie (stereo remix)
    29 - Nine Times Blue (stereo remix)
    30 - Shake ‘Em Up And Let ‘Em Roll (stereo remix)
    31 - Smile (stereo remix)
    32 - That’s What It’s Like Loving You(instrumental backing track, mono remix, edit)
    33 - Someday Man (stereo remix)
    34 - Listen To The Band (early stereo mix, stereo remix)
    Recording Typ Studio/Outtake
    Source CDDA
    Qualität Excellent
    Format MP3
    Bitrate VBR HQ (256-320 kbps)
    VIP Angebot FLAC Lossless
    Playtime (min:sek) 79:57
    Anzahl CD 1
    Dateigrösse (MB) 146.69
    Cover Front, Back, CD
    Archiv Passwort ohne / none


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