The Lost Polydor Tapes Vol. VI

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The Lost Polydor Tapes “Archives Pathfinder” Vol. VI - October 2001 Release

The Lost Polydor Tapes “Archives Pathfinder” is an October 2001 Mid Valley release. Over six discs, this covers outtakes and alternate mixes from three albums over a five year period. Eric Clapton, released in 1970, his first solo album, 461 Ocean Boulevard was issued in 1974 and is considered to be one of his best solo releases, and its follow up There’s One In Every Crowd which wasn’t as successful. These three make up his first three true solo albums (Layla released under Derek And The Dominos).

This set is authoritative simply because, despite the list above, titles with Clapton studio outtakes are very rare, unlike title for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones which are simply out of control. Archives Pathfinder is the only comprehensive collection documenting any time period of his career. And the sound quality is uniformly excellent for all the volumes.

Vol. VI = Outtakes and Alternate mixes Album "There’s One In Every Crowd"

“Watcha Gonna Do?” is a song written and performed with Peter Tosh. A heavy reggae tune, it would appear in the Crossroads boxset in 1988. “High” is an alternate mix of the commercial version but without the guitar solo and a second chorus, and “Opposites” is an alternate mix without the organ “Auld Lang Syne” at the end. “Burial” is a cover of the Tosh tune which remains unreleased, and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” is an alternate mix of the commercial version.

Overall Vol. 1-6 is six hours of prime Clapton outtakes that are worth having. Since its release several tracks have been released officially on the deluxe editions of Eric Clapton and 461 Ocean Boulevard. However, there are tracks in this collection that still have not been released officially. And There’s One In Every Crowd still has no deluxe edition available with outtakes and alternate takes (and most probably there won’t be). Since Clapton studio sessions are not very common, this set is essential to have.

Datum 01.10.2001
Setlist 01 - Watcha Gonna Do #1 (Originaly Unreleased Song With Peter Tush)
02 - Watcha Gonna Do #2 (Originaly Unreleased Song With Peter Tush)
03 - High (Alternate Mix Version Without Guitar Solo & Second Chorus Overdub)
04 - Opposite (Alternate Mix Without Auld Lang Syne)
05 - Burial (Previously Unreleased Song With Peter Tosh)
06 - Awing Low Sweet Chariot (Previously Unreleased Different Take)
07 - Where There's A Will There's A Way (1St Solo Album 1St Session)
08 - Don't Know Why (1St Solo Album 1St Session)
09 - Blues In A (Instrumental Blues Jam)
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