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    The Second Source Of The Cuckoo

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    Live at Insel Gruen, Germersheim/Germany - 1972-05-22

    May 22, 1972 (FM - "1st Gen" - with fill, offered as "Doc's Diary Vol.2: 1st. Gen. FM & More" - 72 Total Minutes Long) 1972 & 1973 FM & AUD

    FM -1st Gen. Reel./Aud. 1st.Gen. Cass> Nak. ZX7 Cass.Deck> Pioneer PDR05 CDrecorder> Eac> flac> (Nero) 2006 burned to audio disc/Trade CDR> (wav) 2013 DAE with EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)

    This is Rory Gallagher´s performance from the 2nd British Rockmeeting in Germersheim, Insel Grün, Germany(near Heidelberg), plus some very nice short cuts (everything I have included), recorded early 70´s in Germany! This is my first Rory Gallagher compilation!

    Amoung the more than 40 acts on this 2nd British Rockmeeting in southern Germany, were Pink Floyd, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, Humble Pie, Kinks, Family and many more (see Festival Poster in the Attachment file)!
    The Bands played from Friday May 20th to Monday May 22nd 1972!
    Rory played Monday afternoon, his set was, beside Lindisfarne, the only set broadcasted!(incomplete, ca. 40 mins)

    People from other countries hardly could imagine, how popular Rory was here in the earlyer 70´s.......... I saw him there for the first time, and he really did a great and  intense performance! He was so good, we couldn t hardly wait for his next show, scheduled for autum 1972! He was the only artist to give 3 encores  in Germersheim....

    I added 5 tracks he played live acc., in a german FM Radio studio, plus 3 tracks from a really superp "AUD" tape recorded in Ludwigsburg 3/72!

    Official Releases:

    Datum 22.05.1972
    Setlist 01 - Radio Intro
    02 - Used To Be
    03 - The Hoodooh Woman Is Gonna Hoodooh The Hoodooh Man
    04 - Don´t Know Where I´m Going (Solo Acc.Harp)
    05 - Going To My Hometown (Rory On Mandolin)
    06 - Bullfrogg Blues
    07 - Laundramat Voice Over Interviewcuts

    HR2 FM, Apropop 1973: Rory live in Radio studio w/acoustic guitar 1st. Gen. Fm:
    08 - Gypsy Woman
    09 - The Cockoo
    10 - Pistol Slapper Blues

    HR2 FM, Apropop 1/72:Rory live in Radio studio w/acoustic guitar 1st. Gen. Fm:
    11 - Banker´s Blues
    12 - The Hoodooh Woman Is Gonna Hoodooh The Hoodooh Man
    13 - The Unmilitary Twostep (Instr.)

    Ludwigsburg, Scala Kino 3/72 superp Aud. 1st. Gen (from Taper"U"):
    14 - The Hoodooh Woman Is Gonna Hoodooh The Hoodooh Man
    15 - I´m Tore Down
    16 - Pistol Slapper Blues
    Band LineUp Rory Gallgher: voc., guit.,mandolin
    Willgar Campbell: drums
    Gerry McAvoy: bass
    Recording Typ Radio/FM
    Source Compact Cassette
    Qualität Excellent
    Format MP3
    Bitrate VBR HQ (256-320 kbps)
    VIP Angebot FLAC Lossless
    Playtime (min:sek) 71:41
    Anzahl CD 1
    Dateigrösse (MB) 71:41
    Cover Front, Back
    Archiv Passwort ohne / none


    Insel Gruen, Germersheim, Germany

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